Say Hello to Soft and Supple Hands with Himalaya Hand Cream

Say Hello to Soft and Supple Hands with Himalaya Hand Cream

The Himalaya Drug Company, one of India’s leading wellness brands, highlights the importance of nurturing and caring for our hands with Himalaya Hand Cream,through their latest film as part of the campaign, #LoveYourHands.

The film, set in the present-day context, showcases all the work that our hands do while being engaged in house chores, frequent hand washing, sanitizing,cleaning, and emphasizes the importance of hand care. This TVC beautifully captures the day-to-day activities that are carried out, with a reminder that those busy hands deserve utmost care and nourishment.

The current scenario has brought the focus back on the importance of hand washing and hand hygiene. The situation hasalso called for a change in habits and more attentionon cleanliness.

Regular washing of hands often leaves them dry and stretched. Himalaya Hand Cream is a powerful combination of natural herbs enriched with the goodness of Rose Myrtle and Cocoa Butter, which relieve dry and rough skin, help strengthen the skin’s barrier function, making our hands feel soft and supple. This non-greasy cream is quickly absorbed by the skin, thereby hydrating and improving skin texture, with a reminder for people of all age groups to moisturize their hands regularly.

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