62-year-old Entrepreneur Komala Devi from Hyderabad Who is Bringing Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Care Back!

62-year-old Entrepreneur Komala Devi from Hyderabad Who is Bringing Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Care Back!

There are so many people on this planet who merely “go” through their lives, and then there are a few exceptional ones like 62-year-old Komala Devi — who “grow” through their lives. Komala Devi is an amazing multi-talented personality; she has had an illustrious career as a beauty consultant and cosmetologist spanning over three decades. Besides, she has also played the role of a regional movie actress, dancer and a dubbing artist in the past.

Even though Komala Devi did not have much of formal education, it could never deter her from pursing her dreams and aspirations. She used to run her own parlour in her locality wherein she provided personal care and hair care treatment to thousands of customers. During those years, her husband – an Army veteran – used to be posted outside.

After raising her two children and sending them to foreign countries for attaining higher education and job, Komala decided to finally retire and close down her parlour business in the year 2006. Hereafter, for a few years, she went to Canada to stay with her first son. Returning from Canada, her second  son enrolled her for personality development training by Landmark Forum — attending which gave a new direction to Komala’s  life. With a renewed zeal, she  intent  to start a new business venture all over again!

In her earlier years of being in the beauty services industry, Komala Devi had perfected a ‘21-herbs’ based formula’ (including herbs like Amla, Bramhi, Bhringraj, Camphor, Davanam, Methi, Rose Petals, Triphala, among others), which offers an excellent solution for preventing dandruff and hair fall problems and in giving optimal nourishment to hair. Being an ardent believer in the Ayurveda-based wisdom of using herbs and herbal extracts for enhancing wellness, it was a natural transition for Komala to start a business venture solely around herbal products.

Since its inception in 2015, Komala Devi’s enterprise Venica Herbals is manufacturing and selling multiple herbal products. Speaking about the USP of her products, Komala Devi, Founder, Venica Herbals says, “All of our products of Venica are licensed by AYUSH Department, Telangana Government, and are 100% herbal, organic and preservative-free. Venica’s Hair Oil and Hair Pack are formulated with our special ‘21 herbs’ formula as well as essential oils, and when used regularly, these products will promote hair growth, reduce hair fall, eliminate dandruff and results in a headful of strong and great-looking hair for men and women.”

In running the business operations of Venica, Komala Devi is supported by her own family members — her husband                  (now a retired veteran), her sons and daughters-in-law, and a small team of 8 part-time and full-time women workers. Her manufacturing unit is based out of the top floor of her own residence; yet her business recorded a turnover of around 12 lakhs in the last fiscal, and is growing at 25% year-on-year. After the Covid-19 outbreak (starting around March-April last year), Komala Devi decided to add to her product portfolio by launching a homemade ‘Haldi Powder’ for skincare (since Haldi can help in boosting immunity and fighting infections).

In 2020, Komala Devi was also a part of Project Her & Now’s Entrepreneurship Support Programme in Telangana. ‘Her&Now – Empowering Women Entrepreneurs’ is implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and in partnership with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India. In Telangana, the Project ran in partnership with WE Hub.

Speaking about her association with Her & Now, Komala Devi says, “It was an enlightening experience to be a part of Her & Now programme. From marketing to packing to product and business development – Her & Now gave me a plethora of ideas which have helped me grow my business substantially in the post-pandemic times. The team and mentors at Her&Now were selfless and extremely supportive in solving our doubts and challenges, which was the best part.”

Whereas till date Venica Herbals’ products were mainly being distributed and sold to customers through offline retail stores in various parts of Telanagana, however after attending the Her&Now programme, Komala Devi is now looking expand to additionally sell her products through local supermarkets as well as online marketplaces such as Amazon. In the near future, she also envisions setting up a bigger manufacturing unit to scale up Venica’s production capabilities. Vanica’s long-standing spiritual practice of meditation helps her stay grounded to her roots and navigate through the tough times with a calm yet resilient attitude. In her small ways, she wants to inspire and make a difference to the world, while also contributing to women empowerment and enabling wellness for the society and communities around her with Venica’s Ayurvedic products!  

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