A colorful array of floral ikebana commemorating World Yoga Day

A colorful array of floral ikebana commemorating World Yoga Day

A virtual event titled Peace & Harmony through Yoga & Ikebana commemorating International Yoga Day was presented by First Master Ohryu Rekha. The Guests of Honour were Honourable Mr. Taga Masayuki, Consul General of Japan Chennai, and Yogacharya Shashidhar, International Yoga Guru. 

Speaking about the event, the Convenor of the event, First Master Ohryu Rekha Reddy, said, “‘The theme – Yoga & Ikebana is a celebration of two schools of thought that have many things in common. Yoga promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This ancient Indian science and its benefits is unparalleled. It has spread and is valued all over the world for its benefits.

The practice of Ikebana leads us closer to nature. This sublime art form infuses spirituality and connects India as the Buddhist monks were the first to practice it, and Buddhism originated in India, spreading to Japan. In these times of the pandemic, we wanted to highlight the importance of taking care of our well-being both mental and physical. Today, in our demonstration, we represented nine asanas in the form of Ikebana floral creations, from simple Padmasana to more advanced Mayurasana. It is nice to showcase and create an understanding of different cultures form countries far and wide.” 

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