AIIMS Patna confirms efficacy of AlchemLife’s Phytorelief®- a natural anti-viral as asolution for mild to moderate COVID-19 cases

AIIMS Patna confirms efficacy of AlchemLife’s Phytorelief®- a natural anti-viral as asolution for mild to moderate COVID-19 cases

AIIMS Patna confirms the efficacy of AlchemLife’s Phytorelief® in the management of mild and moderate cases of COVID-19 by acting as a natural anti-viral agent which helps in limiting COVID-19 spread in initial stages of the disease.  

In a recent clinical study conducted by AIIMS Patna, 100 COVID-19 positive cases with mild and moderate symptoms were tested with Phytorelief®. It was interesting to note that after ten days of treatment with Phytorelief® along with standard management, 83% of COVID-19 patients, with mild or moderate symptoms, turned negative. It was evident from the study that Phytorelief® helps in boosting the immunity to fight virus and in turn helps in reducing the viral load. All the COVID-19 patients (mild and moderate) who were treated with Phytorelief®, recovered well and showed significant improvements in all symptoms of COVID-19 like fever, cough, sore throat, and myalgia. Phytorelief® is present in pastille form which dissolves in the buccal cavity; therefore, it results in higher bioavailability and faster onset of action.  

Speaking as a coordinator of the clinical study, Deputy Medical Superintendent and Additional Professor in AIIMS Patna, Dr. Yogesh says that “Since, Phytorelief® improves immunity, as observed in the study; it helps in the recovery and improvement of the general well-being of COVID-19 patients. The results of the study are quite promising and showed a way for treating early stages of viral infection with more efficacy and devoid of any side effects”.

As Phytorelief® pastille is absorbed in the buccal cavity (mouth, saliva), the site of infection, it helps in limiting the spread of viruses in its early stages. Phytorelief® contains Phytoactives (the most powerful active ingredients in medicinal plants) of curcuminoids in Turmeric, ellagic acid in Pomegranate, and gingerols and shogaols in Ginger. The synergistic effect of these Phytoactives results in a strong anti-viral, virucidal and anti-bacterial action and can be effective against various viral strains.

Phytorelief® has been developed by AlchemLife and has US and EU patent granted. It has been clinically tested. Various studies conducted on Phytorelief® have shown that it is effective in increasing immunity by upto 4 times against viruses that cause cough, cold and flu. It is already been used for the treatment of cough, cold, and flu symptoms over the years. The results of this study are very impressive and showed a way, whereby, consuming Phytorelief® can treat the mild form of COVID-19. Moreover, it also enhances immunity even in moderate cases of COVID-19 infection. All the Phytoactives present in Phytorelief® have been known for their effectiveness for decades. Phytoactives of curcuminoids in turmeric are well knownfor their pharmacological effects such as anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic,anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties by inhibiting viral binding to the cell receptors. Similarly, Phytoactives of gingerols and shogaols present in the ginger act as an anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator and anti-viral thereby, helps in relieving symptoms of cold and cough. Phytoactives of ellagic acid in Pomegranate has anti-viral and virucidal action. Researchers have shown that it has virucidal action against influenza-A virus and many other viruses. This unique Phytorelief® pastille combines the power of these Phytoactives and provides higher bioavailability. The pastille provides buccal absorption which helps not only in boosting immunity to restrict viral growthbut also eases the symptoms and treats COVID-19 infection. The result of this clinical study is very timely as a large number of Indians are at risk of being infected with the virus and are getting seriously ill. This study has indicated that Phytorelief®, is a cost effective, natural solution which has no side effects and can be used by mild and moderate stage COVID-19 patients which would prevent them from getting seriously ill. Thus, with Phytorelief® we can minimise the negative impact of the pandemic by treating the infection in the early stage.

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