Interactive webinar on “The Savoir Faire of High Jewelry” organized by YFLO

Interactive webinar on “The Savoir Faire of High Jewelry” organized by YFLO

YFLO Chairperson Apurva Jain and committee members hosted a webinar to discover the savoir-faire of Bulgari masterpieces. Renowned Gems & Jewelry expert Ms. Lucia Silvestri (Jewelry Creative Director, BVLGARI) and GIAMPAOLO DELLA CROCE (High Jewelry Senior Director, BVLGARI) were invited to share the distinctive expertise of the Brand to scout the finest treasure of the Nature and to ennoble themthrough the brand’s heritage Italian roots and contemporary aesthetic.Special guest Ms. Nonita Kalra (Writer, Consultant and Former Editor – Harper’s Bazaar India) moderated the session.

Initiating the session, Ms. Apurva introduced Ms. Lucia – who began her career in Bulgari’s gemmological department at the age of 18 and began travelling the world, meeting with the world’s foremost gemmological experts – when she was 20. She also introduced Mr. Giampaolo, who has been working with the brand for more than 3 decades and manages the storytelling and all the technical/historical information on the jewels to support the sale of Bulgari High Jewelry.

The interactive webinar kick started with a small video about Bulgari’s DNA, exquisite craftsmanship and magnificent jewelry creations, post which Ms. Lucia shared her journey and love for gemstones and creations. She also mentioned about her travels to India and affinity with the Indian culture.

“Bvlgari is as relevant to the quickly evolving sensibilities of today as it always has been, with Bvlgari jewels continuing to pay tribute to the different definitions of women’s beauty throughout the ages”, she added.

When asked about what sets Bulgari’s high jewelry apart other than the extraordinary color combinations of the gemstones, Lucia said, “We always stay true to our past but we also look at the needs of today’s market, the fashion trends and the modern society. Even our craftsmanship is contemporary. We have a great workshop for high jewelry in Rome and a great factory in Valenza, and they are both equipped with the newest technologies.Each artisan in the BvlgariAtelier works on one High Jewelry creation at a time all day long, for a minimum of three months per piece – a perfectionist process that can take up to a year or more.”

Adding to the conversation, Mr. Giampaolo said “Bulgari high jewelry creation is a way to collect a valuable artcraft, to enjoy for a lifetime, the most profound gift to pass onto your loved ones- one that will hold its value across the world and more importantly one that your off springs will derive great pleasure from wearing.”

He also added that, Bulgari jewelry is an amalgamation of rare precious stones of the highest quality standards, unique craftsmanship, heritage and disruptive creativity that drives its value as demonstrated by the numerous sales results at auction houses around the world across several decades  

With learning more insights about the brand & jewelry creativity, moderator Ms. Nonita asked Mr. Giampaolo on important qualities to look for when investing in jewelry. He said, “It’s important to have the official certification and documents that give the specifications and state the rarity of the gemstones. Of course, the craftsmanship of the jewelry piece is crucial. You can have the most exquisite gemstone, but if it is not set right, it will end up being stored in a safe rather than being worn. High jewelry will not stop being a good investmentsuch as contemporary art. It is because jewels have intrinsic value. Bulgari’s jewelry drives its value not just from the quality of the stones but its unrivalled creativity and celebrated Roman heritage and this is why its pieces have sold at record prices at prestigious auction houses around the world over several decades.

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