Water is Life

Water is Life

YFLO Chairperson Apurva Jain and committee members invited the eminentsocial activist Ms. Amla Ruia, renowned for her remarkable work in rural areas and water harvesting. This event was held on Zoom on a national level at FLO, as a part of the FLO Eminent Women Series, an initiative that provides a platform for learning, growth and inspiration. YFLO Chairperson Apurva Jain initiated the session with introducing the honorable Ms. Ruia and mentioning the key aspects of her brilliant work. She highlighted the “Aakar Charitable Trust, established tocreate water sources for drought stricken villages of India. The 350 check dams that are benefitting 400 villages; are now debt free and above poverty line. The women are the biggest beneficiaries as water is now available in their own wells and the drudgery of going long distances to bring water for household consumption is no longer a concern. The villages are moving towards to a new level of economic self-sufficiency and prosperity.”

She also welcomed the National FLO President Jahnabi Phookan, who briefly explained the concept behind the creation of the Eminent Women Series that provides access to “One Woman Armies” like Ms. Ruia. Ms. Phookan defined check dams, its cost, Ms. Ruia’s exemplary work that has improved rural lifestyle and education. She also mentioned their meeting with GajendrajiShikhawat regarding water policy and FLO’s initiative of adopting villages in every state and help improve their facilities by providing basic necessities and opportunities. She requested for Ms. Ruia’s guidance and experience for further enhancing rural lifestyle. She presented Ms. Ruia, a virtual memento for her work and a dedicated a video of appreciation made by YFLO Hyderabad committee kids.

Ms. Ruia took over the screen with grace and lit up the session with pure passion and determination. “The Water Mother” went through her journey explaining the selection of her work started with “thirsty people, barren land, sleepless nights of unemployed farmers on pavements, that led to the creation of check dams.” She inspired the members with her work and lines of Hindi poetry, adding a theatrical twist to the journey of hardships she patiently explained. “The construction of these 750 dams provide an income of 1300 crores yearly and are also made on a promise of no dowry, child marriage, better education and life for all villagers.” She pointed out, “Water is the reason kids are being able to go to school. Once the mothers don’t have to walk miles in search for it, the kids who help at home can finally step out and get the education they deserve.” The national impact of FICCI FLO was seen in full force in the session today as chairpersons from Hyderabad, Kolkata, Uttarakhand, Chennai, past chairpersons, GB members all asked important queries and shed light on issues of local politics, gap between education and technology, saving water on a larger yet economic scale, tackling the impending water shortage issues. Ms. Ruia answered each question with diligence and patience, her years of experience and hard work shining like a beacon inspiring all the participants. “Every drop of water counts, every bit of effort matters” Ms. Ruia is the living example of the statement. The session was an interactive one with ample learning and left a unique impact on the members!

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